RAINBOW CONSTRUCTION Underground Utilities, LLC.

306 NW Locust Ct., Oak Grove, MO 64075 (816) 690-8000


We offer a full range of underground construction services at reasonable rates, including:     


Commercial and Residential Services


Installation of Storm, Sanitary and Water Lines


Specialties in Main Lines and Service Lines


General Excavation


Hourly Rates for backhoes, trackhoes and hydraulic rock breaking


Much More

Rainbow Construction Underground Utilities provides underground utilities contracting services to general contractors. The company's span of work includes both public and private construction projects.

General contractors want to work with the same superintendent throughout the job. We have a superintendent on the job site for the length of the project. The on-site superintendent knows the job closely and is able to answer questions on what was done, where things are located, and is well-informed on all aspects of the job from start to finish. The superintendent also develops a relationship with the general contractor's superintendent, the inspectors and the other subcontractors on the job.