RAINBOW CONSTRUCTION Underground Utilities, LLC.

306 NW Locust Ct., Oak Grove, MO 64075 (816) 690-8000

Company Profile

Our company was established in 1999 and we have been providing outstanding service for many years. Our specialty is in the area of main and service lines for storm, sanitary and water.   

Our customers value the fact that we are very detailed and stay on the job site until all work is completed. 

Rainbow Construction Underground Utilities takes safety seriously. The personal safety of each employee and our customers is of major importance.  Our goal is zero accidents and injuries. We want to send not only our people, but everyone on the job, home safely every evening.

We have an outstanding team of key personnel!

  • Rainbow Hightower, Owner/Member:  Rainbow Hightower has over 25 years experience in utility estimating and management and over 10 years experience as owner of a utility company.
  • Kevin Burns, Master Plumber:  Kevin has 20 years experience in plumbing installation. He has held a Master Plumber License for 11 years.  Kevin assists in the management of work on hand. 
  • Gary Griffith, Superintendent:  Gary has over 20 years experience in utility installation and equipment management,.  He manages one utility crew and the equipment.
  • Jonathan Davis, Superintendent:  Jonathan has 25 years experience in utility installation and equipment operation.  He manages a utility crew consiting of 4-5 men.
  •  Angie Cumberford, Controller:  Angie has 22 years experience in accounting for construction related business.  She oversees all accounting for Rainbow Construction. 
  • Dwayne Davis, Operator/Superintendent:  Dwayne has over 25 years experience in utility installation and equipment operation.